Battery Life Maximizer Version History

3.5.2September 19, 2017
  • Deprecated Chrome Extension for Video Acceleration
3.5.1February 24, 2017Minor Improvements
  • Memory foot print reduction
  • Program startup speed up
  • Improved stability on slow computers
3.5.0February 8, 2017NewBattery guage calibration assistance
3.4.0November 15, 2016Bug Fix
  • Video decode hardware acceleration status may not be detected on Windows 10 systems.
  • Video window brightness adjustment may not work properly on clean installed Windows 10 systems.
3.3.8August 17, 2016Bug Fix
  • Internet Explorer and Edge Browser warns Battery Life Maximizer installer's signature is corrupted or invalid.
3.3.7August 16, 2016Bug Fix
  • Dialog boxes may not open on Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update)
3.2.5August 5, 2015Bug Fix
  • Program may crash on 64bit OS
3.2.2July 10, 2015Bug Fix / minor improvements
  • Improved stability of the program on systems with limited disk space
  • Added Windows 10 support
3.1.7June 4, 2015Minor improvementMakde Battery Usage History page show data on systems which do not properly report battery discharge rate
3.1.0December 29, 2014NewWeb browser extension for Google Chrome: Reduces power consumption during YouTube video playback
3.0.5December 6, 2014Bug Fix
  • User Interface program may crash on Connected Standby enabled systems
3.0.3November 7, 2014Bug Fix / minor improvements
  • Improved error handling during uninstall
  • User Interface program's resource usage reduction
  • Battery Usage History graph may be corrupted after resuming from sleep state
  • Some of the power saving actions were not valid for Windows 8
3.0.2October 28, 2014Bug Fix / minor improvements
  • Installer size reduction (6.8MB -> 4.9MB)
  • Improved error handling during Install/Uninstall
3.0.1October 14, 2014Bug Fix

Fixed following problems:

  • Setup program may fail on Windows XP systems.
  • Detailed battery information may not be shown in Tools page on Hewlett Packard systems.
  • Program may crash when the entire package is uninstalled.
3.0.0October 2, 2014New
  • New tools page shows detailed information about the battery and video decode hardware acceleration.
  • New battery usage history page shows the data graphically.
  • New power saving program detection.
2.3.9August 12, 2014Bug Fix

Fixed following problem:

  • User interface program (BlmUI.exe) may crash when it terminates.
2.3.8July 25, 2014Bug Fix

Fixed following problem:

  • User interface program (BlmUI.exe) may crash when it is manually terminated.
2.3.6July 10, 2014NewAdd feedback buttons to the user inteface
2.3.5May 28, 2014New

Expanded battery life optimized driver installation support for the following laptops:

  • Toshiba laptops sold in the US market. (Models sold in other area may not be covered.)
  • Hewlett-Packard consumer laptops.
Bug Fix
  • Service program may crash when a program with very long image path is ran.
  • Service program crashes on a system with specific services installed.
  • The graph in the summary page become inactive after restarting computer.
2.3.0April 20, 2014NewBattery life optimized driver installation support. See blog post for the details.
2.2.2January 27, 2014Bug Fix
  • Timer tick problem may not be properly detected for some application programs.
2.2.1January 4, 2014Bug Fix
  • Summary page may not be updated properly
  • CPU usage % numbers in the Program Activity page can be inaccurate (lower than actual numbers).
2.2.0December 16, 2013New
  • High DPI display support
  • User interface improvements
Bug Fix
  • Average power numbers in the battery usage history page may not be accurate
  • User interface application may fail to start if multiple instances are started simultaneously
2.1.7December 2, 2013Bug Fix

Fixed following problems:

  • Power number in the Summary page and Battery Usage page may not be accurate
2.1.5November 22, 2013Bug Fix

Fixed following problems:

  • Installation failure on systems with specific registry settings
  • Application may crash at system startup
2.1.3November 7, 2013Bug Fix

Fixed folloing problem:

  • User interface application may crash if user logs in soon after OS boot
2.1.0October 10, 2013NewWindows 8.1 support
ImprovementsPower model improvements for Atom and AMD CPU based systems
Bug Fix
  • User interface application opens with very small window size
  • User interface application crashs with specific keyboard combinations
  • Option settings are note saved in some cases
2.0.2August 22, 2013New
  • Redesigned Summary page - Easier to understand current status and available options
  • Redesigned Program Activity Details dialog box - More information about the program and provide actions to manage them
  • New Options and Settings page - More control over program behavior
  • Program Activity page - Service programs are listed with its service name
  • And many more improvements and bug fixes.

Please see the release note for more details.

1.1.1December 3, 2012Bug FixFixed WiFi auto-power off problem with 3rd party VPN software (e.g. Cisco® AnyConnect)
1.1.0November 11, 2012New
  • Windows 8 support
  • New power saving: Video window brightness adjustment

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1.0.1September 14, 2012Bug FixFixed incorrect trial period expiration
1.0.0August 26, 2012Initial Release