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Battery Life Maximizer New Feature: Battery Calibration Assist

February 8, 2017 By | Add a Comment
If you have had a laptop for a while, you may have experienced one of the following problems: The remaining capacity of the battery drops from < 20% to almost zero and the laptop shuts down abruptly. The remaining capacity stays at around 10% for hours before the battery empties. If so, it's probably because […]

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How to Enable Hardware Video Acceleration for YouTube

January 7, 2015 By | Add a Comment

This article explains the benefit of video decode hardware acceleration and provides an easy way to enable it for YouTube video on Chrome browser.

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Norton high CPU problem after closing Google Chrome

October 14, 2014 By | Add a Comment
Norton antivirus products generally do good job keeping their activities minimum while your laptop is battery powered and help you to get longer battery life. However, many Norton users have been complaining about its high CPU usage after closing Google Chrome. Norton 360 (ccSvcHst.exe) abnormally high CPU usage upon closing Google Chrome NIS.exe 100% core […]

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How to fix Chrome browser battery life (timer tick) problem

July 23, 2014 By | Add a Comment

Google Chrome changes timer tick interval while it is running and this behavior drains battery more than it should. This article explains how to fix this problem and extend your laptop's battery life.

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Where can I find the best drivers for my laptop PC?

May 1, 2014 By | Add a Comment

Ensuring that you use the correct drivers for the devices built into your laptop is the key to maximizing your laptop's battery life. The good news is that this is relatively easy to do. Here is our quick and simple guide to finding the best drivers for your needs.

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How to minimize battery drain by antivirus software?

January 27, 2014 By | Add a Comment

This article provides an overview of the leading antivirus software and analyzes how popular antivirus products stack up against each other in terms of battery life. If you already have antivirus software installed on your laptop, this article will also give you valuable information on how to ensure that you minimize the battery drain associated with this application.

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How to fix SVCHOST high CPU usage problem?

January 15, 2014 By | Add a Comment

You may have noticed that the SVCHOST.EXE process has a high CPU usage that drains your laptop's battery. This article tells you how you can quickly and easily fix the problem.

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What you need to know before upgrading to Windows 8.1

October 19, 2013 By | Add a Comment

Windows 8.1 is now officially released and you may be considering to upgrade your laptop's operating system. This article explains what you need to know before you upgrade to Windows 8.1 so that you will not lose the battery life.

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Do I need to stop programs to extend battery life?

September 9, 2013 By | Add a Comment

There are some programs that make activities even when they are not used. It is important to identify such programs and stop them when you finished your work with them.

This positing explains how to determine which program needs to be stopped.

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Battery Life Maximizer version 2.0 is released

August 28, 2013 By | Add a Comment

New features of Battery Life Maximizer 2.0

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