Battery Life Maximizer 3.0 is released

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We are pleased to announce the new version of Battery Life Maximizer. Here are some of the highlights of version 3.0:

Easier to find out where and how much you can save/wasting battery life

Battery Life Maximizer now shows how much battery life you are loosing because of each problem (or the activity of each program) so that you can easily determine which one to fix.

Screenshot: You can easily see how much impact each problem has

More battery life problem detection and fixes

Battery Life Maximizer can detect and fix more problems than ever including unusually high CPU use by antivirus programs.

More tools for the experts

For those who are curious to explore, new Tools page will give you more insight.

  • Detailed information about your battery.

    This tool displays very detailed information (depends on your laptop and battery's capability) other similar tools do not.

  • The status of Video Decode Hardware Accelerator

    When you watch video on your laptop, it is very important that hardware acceleration be enabled. However, whether the hardware accelerator works or not depends on many factors (video playback application's capability, contents, etc.). This tool will help you to check if it is working quickly and easily.

Screenshot: New Tools page of Battery Life Maximizer 3.0

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